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This page is a selection of things that I think I discovered. Flying in a remote part of the modelling world, I find that I am not in the position of having first hand exposure to current modelling trends. Consequently, I often discover things for myself, some of which others are familiar with and take for granted.  If anything presented here is "old hat" to you, forgive me. Life is a never-ending journey of re-inventing the wheel.  On the other hand, if you do find anything that might help you, then we all benefit.

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1)     RollFuz Single Seam rolled Fibreglass Fuselages
2)    Plug-in V-Tail Mounting

3)     Wingeron Actuator   


4)    FG Fuselage Repair

5)   Balsa Stripper


6)    RDS Installation   Harley Michaelis Direct Drive Actuator

7)    Twin RDS Installation   Single Servo TWO Actuations

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